The Psychiatrists Ltd are excited this year to start planning our partnership that will enable access for our patients to rTMS. Evidence of this treatment being effective for Depression and Anxiety disorders treatment is growing. We will aim to keep you updated but are excited by this development. We hope … Continue reading

No Health without Mental Health=Parity of Esteem

Transition from DLA to PIP has been occurring across the country. This much publicised change has caused so much challenge and taken up so much professionals time. I had heard from many that they found themselves disadvantaged and poorer but its interesting to see more data about this.,INDS,2H3PXI,20HGH,1 October … Continue reading

Sleep Tips

If you have ever missed out on a night’s sleep or done nightshifts, or perhaps are one of the parents who have lost 1000 hours sleep in the first year of a new baby, you know how powerful sleep is at affecting you. Unsurprisingly many psychiatric disorders involve sleep. A … Continue reading