Maintaining Mental Health in isolation

Everyone is social distancing and all unnecessary travel or contact has been advised

Extra vigilance is advised for people over 70, those with underlying health conditions, or those pregnant. It is suggested that those in these groups may need to remain isolated for up to 3 months from the weekend.

We hope to bring you recommendations to help keep you mentally well.

Get online- Use of Video calling and video sharing tools can help bring you closer. Many apps and tools exist but Facebook, Apple Face time, Skype are amongst the most famous and well recognised. Whether you use your laptop, desktop, TV or smartphone the choice is yours. Most are free but there are paid for options.

Take the time to meet with people that you are close to and also think of those that you might not otherwise join up with.

You could even start or join a group chat. I’ve heard of familys each baking a cake together, in different places and then having a bake off/ cook along taster.

Some people have done exercise classes together, and others have offered or joined education lessons or groups.