The Psychiatrists Ltd are excited this year to start planning our partnership that will enable access for our patients to rTMS. Evidence of this treatment being effective for Depression and Anxiety disorders treatment is growing. We will aim to keep you updated but are excited by this development.

We hope to follow with some key links and information to keep you in touch and help you to consider this treatment.

Training and evidence presented at Royal College of Psychiatrists events as well as visits to centres in America and The UK demonstrate a growing opportunity that we feel we can offer our patients

What exactly happens during a TMS treatment?

Patients relax in the therapy chair and a ‘paddle’ is placed over the area of their brain which is to be treated. It will rest lightly on their scalp throughout treatment. The patient will feel a tapping sensation on their head as the magnetic pulses are delivered. It is pain-free and our patients are free to talk, listen to music or just sit back and relax as the treatment is delivered over 30 minutes. Afterwards, they are free to go about their normal day, including driving or resuming work.