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Overseas Patient

I travel from the Middle East three times a year to see Dr Roberts. He’s the only Psychiatrist I have trusted. He is honest and kind and I am making progress since I started his new treatment and for the first time I have hopes for the future.

NHS Consultant

My brother suffered from mental illness for 25 years. As a medical Doctor in the NHS Dr Roberts was highly recommended to me by colleagues and in my opinion a word of mouth recommendation by a health care professional who has all the inside information is the best testimonial ever. My family are eternally grateful to Dr Roberts for his first class professional care he provided my brother.


I just want to say a huge thankyou for helping Dad back on to the straight and narrow. Thankyou again for acting so swiftly to ensure he has been well looked after.

Hampshire Patient

I have suffered on and off with Anxiety and Depression since I was 15 and have struggled to find quality treatment for over 18 years. In the Summer of 2012 I had a severe episode of anxiety and was signed off from work. I could not see a way out and was at rock bottom, too scared to talk to anyone or to leave the house. I found a recommendation online for Dr Roberts and with help from my family contacted his secretary to ask for help. That phone call literally changed my life. Dr Roberts is extremely kind, patient and supportive. From the first consultation he immediately understood my situation and through his treatment I began my road to recovery immediately and was back to work and feeling myself quicker than I’d ever imagined possible. I honestly thought my life was over and that I would never get better or be able to lead a normal life again. I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t had this help and I will always be grateful for the restoration of hope and normality. I was discharged from Dr Roberts in May 2015 and feel the most confident and hopeful that I have ever been.

MR D Hampshire

I was referred to Dr Roberts for an anxiety disorder. After 3 consultations I feel the treatment I have received has been of great help and beneficial to myself. My health has greatly improved and I have gained control of my anxiety disorder. I have found Dr Guy Roberts to be very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend that people with the same or similar disorder to seek advice and help from Dr Guy Roberts.

Male Patient Hampshire

Dear Dr Roberts

Just a quick line following our final discussion yesterday and subsequent discharge to say a big thank you for your guidance and support over the previous two months.

Having suffered with mental illness over the years and finally being unable to manage my symptoms on my own anymore your diagnosis, advice and direction has been second to none. I am now well enough to return to work which means a lot to me as you have gathered during our discussions.

I wish you all the best for the future and myself am very much looking forward to life ahead.

Recovery of Mood

Just a few words to thank you for being a good doctor who has improved the quality of my life. The time you spent with me and your attention means a lot to me. Its not always been easy for me to come to clinic but it is always worth it.

Recovery Hope

I found a listening empathetic ear most helpful in improving my mood. The assurance that I WILL get better with the help of medication is of great benefit when one is low.

University Feedback

We deliver support to a local University, here’s what they have said we do really well:

  • Help Students transfer their care away from home to their University home.
  • Identify and signpost new presentations of mental ill health in students.
  • Help the students access rapid psychiatric assessment and then link up with referrals to primary and secondary care.
  • Helped to improve the credibility of the service you provide for Students, both with local services , the students and the University.
  • Our input has helped support your mental health advisers and work force you have.
  • Helped to provide a smooth connection with secondary Mental Health Services.
  • Given confidence to local primary care providers to help assist in smooth transition and prescribing for the students.

Hampshire Patient

I would like to thank Dr Roberts for all the help he has given me and for giving me the tools to lead a rich and fulfilling life. I will always be grateful for everything you have all done and I will be ever thankful to my psychotherapist as well. I now have the confidence to move forward and enjoy my life.

New Patient Experience

To say I was nervous about the appointment would be a massive understatement.  I was unsure I’d be able to make it due to anxiety.  The reception team were helpful and responsive to my many emails.

I was very nervous while waiting, however I felt quickly reassured by her presence when greeted, this safe feeling continued through the session.  I was very concerned I would be unable to talk, often the case, or be unable to explain myself.  Dr Muzaffar was able to make sense of my incoherent and erratic bursts of information.  She was very sensitive not to explore areas that I couldn’t and was able to understand the crux of my struggles without me having to explain everything.  She asked some direct and simple questions which meant I could share stuff I otherwise would not have been able to; but also did not probe.  I am amazed at how much I was able to convey and I felt very understood and accepted.  When I struggled to find an answer she was very patient.  I was given control of my information which is really important to me and also I was made to feel that I am a very worthwhile person while with her.  I felt understood, respected and well informed.

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