Please see below for our standard fees.

Our fees

Initial outpatient assessment – £400 (Increasing to £440 from 16th October 2022)

Follow-up appointment (long) – £360 (Increasing to £380 from 16th October 2022)

Follow-up appointment (brief) – £180 (Increasing to £190 from 16th October 2022)

Medicolegal fees – Please contact us for an estimate.

All accounts must be settled at the time of appointment. You must bring a payment card with you at the time of appointment. 

If insured you will need to pay a deposit fee of £10 by card at your first appointment by card.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted with the exception of American Express. Fees can be prepaid. Under usual circumstance, cancellations of less than 2 working days will be charged at full rate. Patients whose care is funded by medical insurance need to provide a credit or debit card swipe for uninsured costs. A charge of one pound will be taken for insured patients in this process and then any subsequent fees will take this into account. Insured patients will need to confirm their funding and bring a valid authorisation code, available from your insurer, and bring your policy number to the appointment.

Please note that from Oct 16th 2022 we have made a small fee increase. We have managed to keep our fees as low as possible .

  • I found a listening empathetic ear most helpful in improving my mood. The assurance that I WILL get better with the help of medication is of great benefit when one is low.