Please see below for our standard fees.

Our fees

Initial outpatient assessment – £380 (London £400)

Follow-up appointment (long) – £340 (London £370)

Follow-up appointment (brief) – £170 (London £185)

Medicolegal fees – Please contact us for an estimate.

All accounts must be settled at the time of appointment.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted with the exception of american express. Fees can be prepaid. Under usual circumstance, cancellations of less than 2 working days will be charged at full rate. Patients whose care is funded by medical insurance need to provide a credit or debit card swipe for uninsured costs. A charge of one penny will be taken for insured patients in this process and then any subsequent fees will take this into account. Insured patients will need to confirm their funding and bring a valid authorisation code, available from your insurer, and bring your policy number to the appointment.

Please note that from Oct 16th 2019 we have made a small fee increase. We have managed to keep our fees as low as possible for more than 2 years.

  • We deliver support to a local University, here’s what they have said we do really well: Help Students transfer their care away from home to their University home. Identify and signpost new presentations of mental ill health in students. Help the students access rapid psychiatric assessment and then link up with referrals to primary and secondary care. Helped to improve the credibility of the service you provide for Students, both with local services , the students and the University. Our input has helped support your mental health advisers and work force you have. Helped to provide a smooth connection with secondary Mental Health Services. Given confidence to local primary care providers to help assist in smooth transition and prescribing for the students.